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Topgolf Swing Suite – Experience Golfing like Never Before

Everyone knows Topgolf, but do you know the difference between Topgolf and Topgolf Swing Suite? Who doesn’t love a little playful competition? Topgolf Swing Suite encourages people of all ages and skill levels to come together for a stimulating experience along with a luxurious atmosphere. Each Topgolf Swing Suite location features a massive screen with a variety of multi-sports games, comfortable lounge seats, and unbelievable food and beverage offerings. Just as you expect from Topgolf. Here are a few of the unique games you can play – rain or shine, hot or cold or no matter the weather!

Top Contender A game of precision and control, take a swing at the variety of giant colorful targets in this game. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert you will love Top Contender. Earn double points galore for shots made in targets further out on the field.

Top Challenge Are you good with measuring distance? Even if you aren’t, this game is an absolute hit! Come and take a swing at your ball to try and get as close to the hole as you possibly can. Your scores will pay the price if you miss the green or land in the water.

Zombie Dodgeball Place yourself in an apocalyptic world, and street dancing zombies are coming to battle you. This trio of zombies has no intentions of having a dance battle though, so you must defend yourself with the only weapon you have access to, dodgeballs. Do you have what it takes to defend them off with only a fence separating them from you?

Quarterback Challenger You’re the Quarterback of your favorite team and you’re down to your last minute. This touchdown could be it, winning the game! You take them to victory as you run down the field against the biggest defense team. Your wide receivers are counting on you being the best quarterback. Not that there wasn’t enough pressure already. Will you make that game-winning touchdown?

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