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Steering the Ship

Just as the captain of a ship is in charge of their vessel at sea, so too is a company’s Director. Yaniv Oren is the newly hired Construction Director of Daydra Management, and we are excited to have him on board with us! With a BA in Business Administration and more than two decades of experience in Construction Management, Yaniv’s impressive background and extensive knowledge help Daydra stand out from the rest.

Yaniv grew up on his family’s farm and went to Western Galilee College where he describes his college days as “structured and very fun…” He would often go camping and hiking on the weekends with his college mates. Most people today wouldn’t know, but Yaniv loves to race and grew up racing anything on wheels - from cars to bikes “if it had a motor in it, we’d race!” After college, Yaniv moved to the great state of Texas. He has had the opportunity to live in multiple cities thought Texas but has always found himself to be drawn back to the DFW area. Married for 17 years with two beautiful children, they love to do outdoor activities together.

His background and expertise includes but is not limited to Land Development and Entitlements, Planning and Design, Engineering, full project management including the estimating, budgeting, and construction management of multiple projects that include: Fuel stations, Walmart, Fortune 500 companies, multi-family buildings, Large residential subdivisions, Resorts and Ranches, City Park, and Historic Buildings. He has worked in the private sector and overseen the logistics for both Federal and State as well. Overall, he has been involved in more than 120 projects, working in the private sector and handled construction projects all over the US.

Yaniv believes that Daydra is on track to meet all of the milestones for current projects. He looks forward to building their new offices planned right here in Wylie.

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