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Smaaash - Play, Drink, and Party like Never Before

Smaaash is a unique gaming center that rises above the run-of-the-mill entertainment Centers. It creates an experience by offering food, music, and virtual reality and simulations game all under one roof. Smaaash has it all.

Cockpit360 It gives you full, realistic pilot control. Experience Air Battles with physical simulation and virtual shooting.

Finger Coaster Finger Coaster allows you to design your own roller coaster ride by drawing the turns and loops, picking a setting like a beach or theme park, and even experiencing your customized ride through a virtual reality device!

X1 Simulator Bring out the F1 racer in you. At speeds of 200 mph you got to hold your nerve, as the torqued steering tests your driving mettle. Teamed with the realistic racing simulation motions you’ll twist and turn in the Life-size Formula 1 Tub. Fast turnaround time and 6 degrees of freedom simulator guarantee you a lifelike experience. So, put on the racing gear and drive around some historic tracks, feeling the heat and the bumps, as we blur the lines between racing and reality.

Vertigo – Walk the Plank Virtual reality game that lets you experience the fear of walking on a narrow plank hundreds of feet above the ground. The task is to walk the plank and rescue the kitty. The virtual reality technology along with the fans blowing air at certain velocity, creates an actual environment of one walking the plank on that height. The technology behind this game is cinematic. You immerse yourself in the game with the VR headset, the Unity Game engine delivers the thrill of gathering all the courage to steadily move forward on the plank.

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