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Gen X: Setting the Trends of the Home Market

When looking at the representations that pop culture often highlights, Generation X is more commonly forgotten than not. Pop culture obsesses over Millennials, consumers focus on (and often exploit) Baby Boomers and social media are dominated by Gen Z. The news and cinema constantly oscillates between what can lure the two dominating generations of Millennials and Boomers, putting Gen X in a position similar to that of the forgotten middle child at times; but what marketers often forget is that the consumer group who actually dominates the spectrum as far as purchasing is the one who knows every side.

Moreover, they’ve been part of the consumer culture for much longer than Millennials or Gen Z, and they have got more money than both of them. And although they may have learned what they know from the generation of Boomers before them, and they’ll be here long after. Most of all, they’re the biggest homebuyers in the game — and they know what they want.

Being one of the largest generations, many forget that Gen X is the powerhouse of homeowners. They own homes for themselves (MUCH unlike Millennials) and do the deciding on homes for their parents, and some even buy houses their children; they rent out properties, invest and flip them; they’re always looking for the next big thing in the home market. One might go so far as to say that they control the market entirely. Whether forgotten or not, Gen X is controlling the puppet strings in the housing market, and what they want most now is convenience.

While Baby Boomers led the trend in leaving the city to live in suburban neighborhoods and raise a family, their children sought out a life of excitement, many making drastic moves to the city. However, similar to the life they experienced, they often brought their families back to the suburbs, where their children would be kept safe from the vices that they soaked up with vigor. Good news for Gen X — the kids are grown and gone now (well, some of them), and this group is ready to get back to the invigorating life they once knew, but with the comforts of being a well-established adult.

What is it that qualifies as a worry-free living situation? Is it being near parka and recreational areas to enjoy the outdoors? Having your bank, grocery store, beauty and hair salon, doctor’s office and morning coffee spot within walking distance? What about the commodities of life; how about if you had all that and your shopping and favorite restaurants, a movie theater and fast food nestled in between? Throw your favorite bar in there, and you’ve got yourself a paradise.

Imagine living on top of all these facilities, or next door in a personally customized townhome equipped with all the amenities of a luxury household. Then, think about the community that surrounds it — this is the type of living that Gen X has fostered into existence. Having the comfort of a close-knit community alongside all the facets that bring ease to your life, as well as attract newcomers to keep things spontaneous, is what many of us would call paradise. We can thank Gen X for that.

While mixed-use communities have risen in the past to massive developments trapped within the concrete of the city, Daydra Management is bringing you a lifestyle that you can be a part of from day one. No matter what generation you’re a part of, you can enjoy the opulence of having it all at your fingertips.

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