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Junk Yard Clean Up Near Completion

Decades of old junk, tires, scrap metal, and other trash is being cleaned out. With over 4.5 acres of what once was an eyesore will now be transformed by Daydra Management.

Daydra Management is constructing 50,000 sq. ft natural green parkway that will be used for playing and enjoying the creek. You will be able to walk along the path and creek side, stroll through the trees.

Talking about trees, Daydra Management has planned for approximately 125 trees and 250 shrubs to be planted in the connected development “The District.” They are focused on beautifying the community. What better way than to add more greenery to an already beautiful area.

If you would like to learn more about any of our future developments, projects, and what we are planning for in Wylie please check us out at or

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