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Daydra Management Announces Real Estate Director

Daydra Management announces Real Estate Director

Platinum Team’s and Daydra Management’s operation takes us to Heritage Properties, where Kimberly Lanz, a gem rarely found! presides as Director of Real Estate.

One of the qualities that sets Daydra Management aside from other developers is that they are a part of something bigger. We call it turnkey service. Together, the six entities that make up the Platinum Team provide their customers with complete services that begins prior to site-work and extends even after a property has been developed.

Kimberly, as Director of Real Estate is the figure that is going to introduce you to your next sale or lease and ensure all parts of your settling in run smoothly and efficiently. Moving here from Canada in the early 90s, Kimberly is more than your average realtor, she’s a down-to-Earth, tomboy of sorts who loves to just throw on her hiking boots and get a little muddy sometimes. When she’s not four-wheeling or off-roading with her husband in one of their Jeeps, she’s working for her real estate clients to ensure the best experience possible in seeking their next venture.

With over 20 years’ experience working with commercial clients in the financial world and the commercial and residential real estate world in North Texas, Kimberly is an individual who offers above-average service to her clients. Heritage Properties being an onsite broker gives them a closer connection to the process leading up to the sale.

“It elevates Daydra Management and their clients by having hands-on from the very beginning,” she says, noting the importance of location both on a macro scale and within a multi-use development itself. “I have the ability, knowledge and experience to place our clients accurately within the development from ground zero, thus saving time and money. For example, a pediatrician moves into the property, we can then shape what goes around that: daycare, a children’s clothing store, orthodontist, family restaurants, etc. That way, mom or dad doesn’t have to leave our mixed-use community and can find comfort in her necessities being available all at The District Community and all within walking distance.”

Daydra Management’s highest priority, The District of Wylie, is a multi-use lifestyle community like such, targeting higher-quality commercial businesses such as boutiques, upper-scale restaurants, a hair salon, bank, and other premier operations. As of today, Heritage Properties has already sold eight of their seventeen District Lifestyle commercial buildings which includes the buildings that house the 150 apartments above a portion of the commercial space — and their marketing hasn’t even begun! Let’s just say, Kimberly knows how to sell a property!

The foremost quality that stands out when appraising Kimberly’s work at Heritage Properties is her devotion to her clients. She puts emphasis on the most important part of her job being a win-win for all parties involved.

“A real estate transaction has to work for everybody involved or I won’t do it,” she asserts, uncovering an honest consideration not always found. “I truly care, understanding what it takes to be an entrepreneur and respect all that goes into getting to this critical point in business. A lease or purchase of this importance could make a business or break it” Kim’s real estate goal is to help her clients, make it!

Let Kimberly, Director of Real Estate, lead your way and contact to check out the availability at The District of Wylie, and rest assured that with Heritage Properties, Daydra Management or any of the Platinum Team companies, you’ll be in the best hands around.

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