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Daydra Management Announces Architect

When looking for a builder, you want to ensure the utmost outstanding quality, which can be hard to find. They call themselves the Platinum Team, and together, the six entities that make up their troupe create a force to be reckoned with.

Starting deep in the details and perhaps the most formidable region of a new development is the architect. At Daydra Management, John Passalaris sits in a desk just feet away in an office next door to the CEO … he is their in-house architect, and he couldn’t be more entwined with the entire production. He’s there when they’re building from design concept and he’s there when the customer does their final build out. John is a crucial member of the Platinum Team, he’s the engineer who distinguishes their brand as innovative, unique and unmatched by the rest.

John has been in the architectural field since 1988. Born and raised in New York City, John graduated from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn where he earned a Bachelor of Architecture. A father with two boys in college, the architect spends his time embracing all that the world has to offer and learning new things. With a love of cooking, gardening, cars and constantly continuing his education, he draws the image of a devoted artist with a knack for methodology. It was being the artist with the technical mind that brought him to the profession he loves.

Licensed in Texas and New York, John has worked in both the public and private sectors, his projects include commercial, industrial, storage facilities, government buildings, residential and multi-family structures, and just about anything else you can think to build. In 2012, John moved to Houston and worked freelance, later moving to the Dallas area.

“It’s all about proximity,” John admits, as he signifies the difference between freelance and in-house architects. “One of the benefits of having an inside architect is that they’re dedicated to one company solely.”

When a company or customer decides to go with Daydra as their developer, all they have to do is walk next door to begin the buildout process. While John designs for the company on a large scale, he also works with the customer directly on a variety of different types of properties — residential, retail, medical, professional offices and more.

There’s a lot that goes into the design of these types of facilities, it’s a necessity to have a good strong command of codes. One must think about the layout, especially in high-traffic businesses, interior/exterior integration and transparency of retail stores giving the ability to showcase. For properties like Daydra’s most recent development, The District of Wylie, John has been on top of designing the commercial buildings as well as a string of townhomes that will be custom-designed by the client.

While many come to John with expectations of what they want, he is a prime resource for providing suggestions and filling in the blanks in a buildout. If a customer is looking for space, an open setting would be the best layout; in scenarios where elegance is favored, designs would include all upgraded finishes, masonry and glass; for those seeking energy efficiency, smart systems, solar and large windows might be implemented. And while his expertise goes without question, it’s his innovativeness that places this architect among a broader group of artists.

“It’s about creating something unique that hasn’t been done before, opposed to the cookie cutter you typically see,” he proclaims. Consistently seeking new trends and modernizing his practice, John is a crucial component to the Platinum Team who exemplifies the necessary influence of builders having an in-house architect. If you’d like to design the next property of your dreams, he can help you!

If you are looking for an Architect call Daydra Management at (972)807-0073.

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