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A man behind the scenes

Great things happen when multiple minds come together. While their broker/realtors and in-house architect exemplify the more externally seen factors that make Daydra Management the superior turnkey developer that they are today, the team’s roots go deeper with a hands-on executive team.

Behind the scenes you will find the co-captain of the ship, Brandon Deiters. Not your typical COO, Brandon is an easily-approachable, fun-loving family man who cherishes life both in and outside work. Father of three and happily married for over 23 years, Brandon is a foodie who loves adventure and a good bourbon/whiskey. In his free time, you’ll find him exploring the city in search of new restaurants or getting away from it all to discover new trails and other areas outdoors.

After years of city, he and his family decided to break away and move down south, where they found Wylie, Texas, and then, Daydra Management.

Aside from an exuberant life outside the office, Brandon is a man very closely involved with his work. After attending the University of Illinois Chicago, he studied at Architectural Woodwork Institute in Albuquerque, where he then moved to pursue his career. With over 25 years on the operational side, working previously as CFO for a Nationwide General Contractor, an international consultant for 5 years in China, 2 years as a project manager in the Bahamas for a construction company and in his “free time” keeping himself busy as an entrepreneur, until discovering Daydra Management and The Platinum Team where he plans to stay.

 “Behind the scenes is where I thrive,” he humbly remarks, “and helping keep a company healthy, see day to day problems and work toward the future is what I love to do.” A clear solutions-expert, Brandon’s forte for problem-solving is what makes him a crucial component to the team at Daydra.

“I think what really makes a difference at Daydra is the group of people we have working together and the vision of how we’re going to grow. I wanted to make a change when I moved here, and I’ve had a few different opportunities, but after taking a close look at this company and seeing Daydra’s vision of the future and what I could be a part of, it was a done deal.”

It was clear that the respect carried between Brandon and Ryan was what brought him on board, but the team mentality is what keeps him feeling confident in the company and his role there. Not only does his close work with the team give him a feeling of gratitude, but his hands-on role with customers and vendors keeps his spirit alive, as he gets to touch every part of the business and help the people he works with.

“Being in charge of operations means I’m in a part of everything,” he explains, “I get to know people organically and keep an eye on the people we work with. It gives a sense of belonging.” 

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